Claims / Claim Avoidance

K2 recognizes the challenges faced  in today’s difficult construction contracting environment. Knowing where the pitfalls are along the way allows early recognition and prompt real-time mitigating actions needed to stay in the game.

K2’s extensive experience allows for accurate identification and exceptional management of problems as they arise. We are experts in avoiding disputes as well as resolving them. Our use of CPM schedules as planning, reporting and forensic tools, as well as, earned value, scope and cost analysis during the project provide our clients with K2’s ability to craft real world constructive solutions to complex problems.

Our clients trust K2’s expert opinion, and as a result, we have enabled our clients to reach successful resolutions on hundreds of claims ranging from 1 to $200 million.

K2’s wide range of contract dispute resolution services includes:

  • Feasibility Studies for the Claim effort (is it worth it?)
  • Scope, Schedule and Cost Forensics
  • Merit and Entitlement Evaluation
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Labor Productivity Studies
  • Overhead Cost Calculations
  • Negotiation and Mediation Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

Other services

  • K2 provides other services to keep you on top of project performance
  • Personalized Project Recovery Analysis
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Document Response & Notification
  • Training