Logistics Management

Logistics Management is a natural extension to our Project Control Systems implementation services. To support the needs of our clients and our projects, K2 developed and implemented Tracking Reporting and Asset Controls (TRAC) solution. Our enterprise logistics platform includes mobile applications to effectively manage onsite logistics, assets, project resources, and reporting.

This software provides all logistics, asset tracking & reporting functions to enable efficient management of sequential or concurrent controls of multiple resources across multiple deployments.  It offers the client real time Test Reports and On Site reporting of issues.  This offers additional peace of mind that challenges can be addressed as they happen instead of after it is too late.

TRAC performs:

  • Bidding
  • Logistics
  • Asset Control
  • Labor Management
  • Materials
  • Shipping and Rigging
  • Warehousing
  • Subcontractor SOWs and Purchase Orders
  • Resource Management (Certification tracking and matching and resource assignment)
  • Reporting (Daily Reports, Site Vaidations, Change Orders)
  • Mobile application integration for testing, tracking, and daily reports
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Work Orders
  • Time and Expenses