For more than 30 years, K2 Project Control Systems has successfully guided customers through the integration of people, processes, and technology. We do this by creating sustainable solutions, aligning our procedural expertise with a comprehensive understanding of industry tool applications that enable our customers to resolve their enterprise challenges. Our experts focus on designing, developing, and optimizing best-in-class solutions to satisfy business needs for high-profile clients in the private, public and government sectors.

Discover, Evaluate & Recommend

Our highly skilled team delivers positive outcomes by focusing on every step of our proven process. We accomplish this by listening, gathering information and most importantly, gaining an understanding of our customer’s requirements and existing infrastructure.

This enables our team members to define the scope of the solution and identify the phases, processes and actions that will ensure rapid success.

When K2 Project Control Systems designs, develops and integrates a solution, it’s never one size fits all. Our plans are customized to meet each customer’s requirements, specifications and goals. Data is an enigma for every organization, and we help determine the best ways to access, consolidate and configure it for business analytics.

We work tirelessly to provide your organization with the people, processes, technologies, and controls that it needs for daily operations.

Design, Configure & Integrate

Test & Quality Assurance

Throughout the solution development, K2 Project Control Systems takes extensive steps to verify that it meets stringent Quality Assurance thresholds.

We conduct intensive testing to ensure that the system satisfies a customer’s business requirements and is ready to be deployed into the production environment.

Our goal is to put our clients in control by providing a carefully devised framework that will deliver results.

Once the solution is deployed, our job is not complete.

Project Control Systems offers an unparalleled level of support by providing training, user manuals and professional guidance through the transition.

Unlike our competitors, K2 is engaged until our customer’s solution is fully operational and utilized.

As your organization evolves so should your solution.

K2’s professionals have the expertise to handle all of your software updates, enhancements, expansion and continuing configurations.

Deploy and Sustain

Delivering a program spanning more than 170 projects required a robust program scheduling and performance monitoring system. In collaboration with program and software development teams, K2 implemented one of the most sophisticated Earned Value Management System (EVMS) applications globally in construction. This EVMS fully integrated scope, cost and schedule performance monitoring, reporting, forecasting and management on more than $11 billion of airport infrastructure.

Program Director Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 5 Program Management Firm

End-to-end project control solution integration.

Our services help you achieve your corporate objectives and business goals. We help you through development, deployment, integration and sustainment efficiently, effectively, and predictably.


To ensure that your organization starts seeing tangible results quickly, we apply the best practices of agile software development to your projects while still maintaining tight project management and controls.
Rapid Process Evaluation & Process Mapping
Our extensive experience and agile approach allows us to rapidly evaluate and map your processes, identify gaps and bottlenecks to streamline processes.
Configuration, Development, Implementation, Sustainment
We are platform and software agnostic with an acute awareness of the very best of their features, enabling us to provide the most appropriate integration solution.