When time matters, K2 Government Operating Solutions helps federal and state government agencies maximize capabilities and solve issues in process performance and program management automation.

Tried and Proven

K2's 30-year, nationally-recognized leadership in design and development of mission critical solutions for high-profile customers provides us a clear advantage on how to best accomplish government client goals.

Regardless of procedures, platform, or software, K2 engages with our customers to understand their enterprise and make near-term performance improvements.

Subject Matter Experts

Insight, KPIs, and Reporting

Our work facilitates governments’ ability to centralize operations---whether on premise or in the cloud---collect and analyze relevant data, and scorecard their performance.

Because we build our solutions around detailed project schedules, we always hit the mark on deadlines---prioritizing time management, resource allocation, and risk mitigation in every situation.

Deployed On Time

In collaboration with program and software development teams, K2 implemented one of the most sophisticated Earned Value Management System (EVMS) applications globally. This EVMS fully integrated scope, cost and schedule performance monitoring, reporting, forecasting and management on more than $11 billion of airport infrastructure.

Program Director Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 5 Program Management Firm

End-to-end project control solution integration

K2 provides greater value than competing consulting firms, which tend to be extremely expensive and to not always get the job done.

Agile Solutions
To ensure that your organization starts seeing tangible results quickly, we apply the best practices of agile software development to your projects while still maintaining tight project management and controls.
Rapid Process Evaluation and Process Mapping
Our extensive experience and agile approach allows us to rapidly evaluate and map your processes, identify gaps and bottlenecks to streamline processes.
Configuration, Development, Implementation, Sustainment
We are platform and software agnostic with an acute awareness of the very best of their features, enabling us to provide the most appropriate integration solution.