Project Management:
The Keystone to Success

K2: Expertise at the nexus of schedule, scope, and cost.

Our service offerings

Getting from concept-to-closeout successfully on any project requires a knack for skillfully balancing and controlling schedule, scope and cost while tending to risk and resource management. That’s where we come in.

Construction Consultants, Inc. (CCI):
We properly manage and control your construction projects—and provide the claims expertise and testimony for your project’s biggest challenges.
Project Control Systems (PCS):
We put integrated systems and controls into your hands to help your organization achieve its objectives.
Security Screening Group (SSG):
We take the headache out of security systems solutions by offering qualified personnel and excellent service from planning to installation to maintenance.

We provide the guidance, systems, integration, and support that our clients in the public (federal, state, local) and private sectors rely on to manage and complete their high-profile, high-risk programs ranging in size from $1 million to over $20 billion.

Construction Consultants, Inc. (CCI)

Cost controlled. Schedule met. Claims managed. Performance achieved.

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Planning/Scheduling and keeping large scale construction projects on track is K2’s specialty. We’ve been in the construction industry for decades and know what pitfalls to avoid and how to manage any challenges. We believe in providing timely and optimal project control solutions, identifying issues early, and establishing realistic expectations resulting in projects that are on time and on budget. We can help rescue failing projects, provide contemporaneous or forensic claims resolution services, and expert testimony when needed. Whether you’re starting a new project or program or need help getting a troubled project back on track, we can help.

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Project Control Systems (PCS)

Solutions identified. Systems Integrated. Objectives accomplished.

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We simplify the transition from today's challenges to tomorrow's objectives by aligning business goals with the right set of project management tools and methodologies, relying on our breadth of experience and depth of knowledge for predictable results. We help you get the control you need.

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Security Screening Group (SSG)

Uncertainty mitigated. Security fortified. Solutions delivered.

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Governments, multinational organizations, and private companies entrust K2 to provide best-in-class project management and installation of physical security screening. From commercial facilities to national security interests, we take critical infrastructure security seriously. Using a highly effective, mobile-based system, we put resource tracking and asset management in the palm of your hands.

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The Right Choice for Every Industry

We serve both the public sector through our government (federal, state, local) and institutional clients, and the private sector through our commercial clients. Sectors include: Transportation, Government Authorities & Facilities, Utilities, Commercial Facilities, Public Facilities, Public Works, Energy, Water and Wastewater Systems.

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Leading by Example

Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, just 1.5 miles from Washington, DC, we are industry leaders in project management and controls, solutions integration and deployment, and security systems integration. K2 Principals and Associates are frequently asked to present at conferences, provide thought leadership on industry policy and best practices, and offer expert testimony in legal actions. We bring our systems integration, process and project management, and technical expertise to the maturing space where project management consulting and security screening meet.

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